A collection of some of my favorite illustrations I have made over the past 12 years of making digital art. It includes both original character artwork and fan art.

Character Design

One of my dreams is making concepts for video games, so I often create them in my spare time. Here, you can find several examples of my character designs.

Commission Work

I have been doing commission work for about 10 years. Here are some recent examples of commissions I’ve done for clients.


Animation is a big passion of mine. Check out my animation loops made in TV Paint, Adobe Animate and Toon Boom. This gallery also includes a 3D animated cartoon, made as part of a university project.

Graphic Design

A few examples of graphic design I have done for university projects as well as for clients.

3D work

Examples of 3D rendered scenes I have made in Cinema 4D as part of our university animation project, as well as my diploma project on texturing low-poly models in BodyPaint 3D.