About Me

Digital artist, Illustrator, Graphic designer

My name is Ana Ambrož and I am an engineer of media communication, a digital artist and illustrator based in Slovenia, Europe. Drawing has been my passion for over thirteen years, and while I am a self-taught artist, my career goal is to work in the field of video game development as an artist.

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My digital art journey began over thirteen years ago. I have been gradually improving and learning ever since.

Over the past ten years, I have been commissioned by many clients. I have experience in negotiating commission prices, fixing and improving my work based on given feedback, and making sure my clients are satisfied with the end product.

My work includes digitally drawn avatars, portraits, full illustrations, icons, emotes, banners, short animations, pixel art, concept art, and many other forms of digital art.

I know the basics of 3D modeling, animation, unwrapping and texture painting , as well as logo design, brand identity design, and other forms of graphic design.

My interests include gaming and game development, illustration, 2D animation, music production and taking care of animals.

If you find me as a suitable member of your team, please contact me at ana.ambroz.art@gmail.com