“I commissioned Ana for my website's key art. Her soft expressions and colours are instrumental in making my website feel welcoming. She was so pleasant to work with that I have since commissioned her for other work, and have recommended her to my friends with excellent results. “

Dr Natalie Coyle
PhD in Mental Health Research, Creator of 'Psychology and Video Games'

"Ana is an extremely skilled artist that's always able to create exactly what I ask them for, and then some. Even when I'm not commissioning them, it's an absolute joy seeing the art they've made posted online, watching them continue to hone their craft. Highly recommend them for anyone in need of a pleasant, hard-working artist/illustrator with a variety of skills and styles in their arsenal."

YouTube Content Creator and Streamer

"Ana is a fantastic artist to work with. I had initially decided to commission her after coming across some of her art on social media, and was thoroughly impressed with how my commission turned out. Very attentive to my specific requests and super easy to work with, I cannot recommend her enough."

Junior Community Manager at Rebellion and Influencer

"The customer care and attention to detail that Ana displayed during the commission process had me over the moon. She was transparent about timetables and progress, working diligently to make sure that the final piece was something we were both happy with."

Streamer, Speedrunner and Commentator

"I have commissioned Ana on multiple occasions and results have been more than satisfying each time. Clear communication, draft edits based on anything that comes to mind, quick delivery, and a very lovely person to boot. As a streamer I am very happy with the emotes she made for me and I will commission her again in the future."

Jan Susi
Twitch Streamer and Translator


Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding my workflow, software, hardware, prices and use of my work.

What software do you use to create your artwork?

My initial sketches are usually done on paper, which I then photograph and import into my digital art software. I use Clip Studio Paint for the majority of my digital artwork, I also record all of my timelapses in it and I'm overall very satisfied with it. I recommend it to everyone, beginners and professionals. I use Adobe Photoshop for editing the artwork, adding finishing touches, exporting for web and for animation work. 

What brushes do you use?

I use many different ones, which you can find in the Clip Studio Marketplace for free or import Photoshop brushes. 

My go-to every day brushes are Marc Brunet's free brushes (Starter Brush Pack 2021 on Cubebrush) as well as the 'colouring brush' by bunnyclvb  (Content ID:1745701)  , which you can find for free in the Clip Studio Assets store.

Which tablet do you use?

I currently use a display tablet, Wacom Cintiq 16. I also own and use a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet, which still serves me very well and gets the job done. I can recommend both tablets, as I've had several Wacom tablets before and was satisfied with each and every one of them.

How much do you charge for commissions?

The price of my commissions depends on what subject you want to commission, how difficult/complex it is and thus- how long it takes to create. Contact me to discuss commission prices. 

Can I use your artwork?

Ask me first! It depends on what you want to use it for. Generally, if you ask to use my work for personal reasons like wallpapers or profile pictures, I will allow it. I'm very happy if people get inspired by my work, so feel free to use my work as a reference or as inspiration! 

I do not allow editing, redistribution, direct tracing, copying or monetization of my work. I will take action against unauthorized use of my work.