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My name is Ana Ambrož.
I am a Slovenian artist and illustrator.
I take the inspiration I get from video games and animation and turn them into my own creative work.
I'm striving towards working in the video game industry as an artist.

I’ve started drawing as a child and continued all throughout my life. My first drawings were mainly comics without text. I would draw at least a page every day. I was very much inspired by cartoon and animation in general.

My first steps of digital art included tracing my own scanned drawings in Adobe Photoshop using the pen tool and coloring them.
A more advanced approach began in 2010, when I got my first digital tablet, a Genius G-pen.
During that time I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and some other digital art programs, such as Paint Tool SAI.

After a few years, I purchased my current tablet, a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch. I’ve been using it since.
I switched entirely to Adobe Photoshop since I felt like Paint Tool SAI is much less of a professional digital art tool.
I also picked up a hobby of always keeping a sketchbook with me and filling it with ideas and sketches. A sketchbook helps me warm up and improve my traditional art.

I’ve been improving and learning every day, and I still strive to get better and better with each and every drawing.
I’m also determined to learn more about 2D animation, 3D modeling and 3D animation.

I have been doing very short animations in Adobe Photoshop since 2011. I’ve also used and have some experience in Adobe Flash, TVPaint and Toon Boom. I am determined to learn a lot about animating using TVPaint. I still believe frame-by-frame animation is a lot more organic and beautiful to look at than Flash animation. I have taken several animation classes at University and have read many books on animation. I’m working on improving as I wish to have the knowledge and skill.

I’ve began 3D modeling very briefly in 2009 (Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max) and more seriously once I began University in 2015 using Cinema 4D (R17, R18). Since that, I’ve regularly used Cinema 4D for modeling and animation.

I’ve been part of several animation festivals with an animation, made for an University project with me and three other people. We won first place with our animation at a Design Festival in Maribor.

I’ve since began learning how to use Autodesk 3ds Max. I believe it is crucial in the industry I strive to work in – game development, game design. I also have experience in graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and mostly Adobe Illustrator, such as designing logotypes and logomarks, business cards, posters, flyers, letters, business papers and others.